A few warnings.

Photographs collected here are not supposed to be technical references for model building (I bet everyone has bunches of these anyhow). They are rather intended to convey the spirit of the places I have visited, the things I have seen and – sometimes – the people I have met.

My wife is present in some of the photos, mostly for the scale effect, like in the case of the tiny BA-64 armored car photographed in Danbury, CT.

Military Museum of Southern New England, visited during Armorcon in Danbury CT, September 2013

Fort Benning tour during the AMPS International show, April 2013

Strategic Air & Space Museum, Ashland NE, June 2012

Möbius strip wall mural in Prague, Czech Republic, April 2012


Imperial War Museum, Duxford UK, August 2011

RAF Museum, London UK, August 2011


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