Added a build page and review link for Bronco sWS kit with tent

This is an AMPS review kit provided by Dragon Models USA. Really well engineered (with a few small exceptions, as usual) and a good bang for the buck with included engine and tent. Check out my build page and my AMPS review for further details.


NY2014 presents!

Nice additions to my artillery pieces collection, with both German 12.8 cm AT guns included in one sweep. Ditto on Russian and German light tanks from Hobby Boss. there is even an airplane in there for good measure. All courtesy of Squadron — these December holiday sales were totally insane.


All the build project pages updated with new images

So far so good. Added some content to Builds, Reviews and About pages. Now each of my modeling projects that is beyond the “box gawking” stage has a page of its own with a bunch of new photos taken today.

Resizing all of the 60+ new images from camera raw format down to something appropriate for the web, was done in a batch, courtesy of the convert routine from the ImageMagick suite.